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Modifying the social buttons

11 Jun 2015 . category: tech . Comments

Social buttons (rendered above the footer) are great for having a small hub with all your social footprint.

You can edit them with the following variables:

  - title: "facebook"
    url: "https://facebook.com/"
  - title: "twitter"
    url: "https://twitter.com/"
  - title: "github"
    url: "https://github.com/PanosSakkos/personal-jekyll-theme"
  - title: "bitcoin"
    url: "https://blockchain.info/address/1LHuKC9Em3KA5yoZaf7nngnNdf9K7s2gSi"
  - title: "rss"
    url: "/feed.xml"

The title selects the desired Font Awesome icon and it shouldn’t include the “fa-“ prefix.


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